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About Me

Henry Marshall Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire.

My name is Henry Marshall and I have been in private practice in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire since 1998 after qualifying in hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy and becoming a member of the Hypnotherapy Association and UK register. I combine these three therapies to help people to overcome their emotional and phsycholaogical problems in the quickest and most effective way possible.

There is no magic to what I do. I have no special powers and cannot control anybody's mind anymore than anybody else can. I have an emphatic, logical approach to therapy using the deeply relaxing effects of hypnosis and apply autosuggestion to help clients to change how they feel. Changing how they feel changes how they respond and react to situations. Add this to good counselling and the result can be quite amazing! Emphatic counselling enables me to understand fully what the client's problem is and what is causing it which can also help the client to understand the problem better and the cause.

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