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How to overcome anxiety

How to overcome anxiety with the help of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used as a very effective anxiety disorder treatment. Through deep relaxation and positive suggestions, we can learn how to overcome anxiety. When we look back at all the things that made us anxious last year, two years or even five years ago, we realise none of it has any effect on us today. But it has almost become a habit to worry. We expect to be anxious and even become anxious about being anxious. There are times in our lives when something very bad happens and it is understandable we get anxious and worry. But when that time is over we should relax, stop worrying and enjoy life. Easier said than done you might say. But with good counselling and hypnotherapy can help you to do that.

Is it any surprise that we suffer from anxiety in the modern world? It is something that we all have and can feel. Like most of our emotions anxiety is instinctive, if we look around at nature we can see it all the time. Wild animals need to have anxiety and as we were once wild animals we too needed anxiety. If you watch the rabbits feeding in the fields you will see them constantly sniffing the air and listening for danger. Their ears twisting and turning as they listen for every little sound in case there is something round the corner waiting to bite their heads off. Us humans now live in a very comfortable environment. We live in warm, safe houses and there isn't really anything that will come along and bite our heads off now. But we still have the instinct to be anxious. It Is just our subconscious trying to do it's job and protect us.

Anxiety disorders can be set off by many things. It may be something very frightening or upsetting that happens to us or maybe a series of things that are upsetting of frightening. We can start to feel anxious about everything, we could even end up feeling anxious about being anxious. We might be fully aware of what has caused us to feel anxious or it may feel like it just crept up on us. All that is happening is the instinctive reaction to make us anxious has run into overdrive. However much we tell ourselves there is nothing to be anxious or worried about we can't stop feeling anxious and worried.

Hypnotherapy anxiety disorder treatment.

how to overcome anxiety

Whilst in that deeply relaxed state called hypnosis we can learn how to relax and be more relaxed in general. Because when we are anxious, stressed or worried we cannot be relaxed. The reverse is also true, when we are relaxed we cannot be anxious, stressed or worried. We can learn how to overcome anxiety by feeling another way, calm, relaxed and positive. Positive auto suggestions can help us maintain a more relaxed approach to our everyday life.

Case history for overcoming anxiety.


When June came to see she was suffering from severe anxiety. Her father had died 18 months earlier and her grandmother passed away 2 months later. This was followed by her mother having a severe health scare.

June became very anxious about her own health and all of those around her. She was worried about who would be the next one to become poorly. As the anxiety increased she started to have problems sleeping. Tiredness quickly increased the anxiety and June started to find other places for her anxiety. She became anxious at work, when she was traveling, when she was meeting people and when she was on her own. She was on a state of permanent anxiety. June decided to try hypnotherapy to over help her to stop feeling anxious.

On her first session she arrived, obviously feeling anxious. What she was scared of most was not being able to relax. But she relaxed very easily. After 3 sessions June had started to sleep well most nights and her general anxiety levels had dropped dramatically. We decide at that stage to stop therapy sessions and see how what improvement was made. June was made aware that she could come for more sessions at any time, should she feel she needed them.

Three months later June emailed me. The improvement had continued beyond her expectations. She was now sleeping very well every night; all excessive anxiety had disappeared.The only time she felt a little anxious was when meeting new people? But even this she was able to cope with. Confidence and self-esteem had also improved enormously.

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