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Insomnia Therapy.

Hypnotherapy to help you sleep more easily.

Insomnia can be started off by many things, we might have a problem sleeping because of a traumatic experience or worrying about something that is about to happen, exams or even money difficulties. Then it can continue long after the original problem is over or keep getting worse.

Because not being able to sleep it is so unpleasant the sufferer will start to worry about not being able to go to sleep and negative thoughts start to build up. The fear of lying there all night looking at the clock every ten minutes not be unable to get to sleep. And then the sufferer will start to worry about it even before they start to get ready to go to bed. Then they will start to worry about it earlier in the evening, then in the afternoon and then possibly they will start to worry about sleeping when they get out of bed in the morning.

The negative feelings that build up over time cause the person to be very anxious most of the time add to this the tiredness sleep deprivation cause. Then by the time the person does go to bed they are so full of anxiety that it is almost impossible them to be able to sleep. The fear of not being able to get to sleep easily has caused them so much worry and anxiety that it makes it almost impossible for them to get to sleep, although they may be so desperately tired. With all this anxiety and worry going on it seems like a mountain to climb to overcome insomnia.

What really needs to happen to overcome the inability to sleep is for them to be able to relax and feel that they can go to sleep easily, Hypnosis being deep relaxation lends itself nicely the to help people to get to sleep. But more importantly, it can help people to believe they can get to sleep easily. By becoming very relaxed as subconscious can learn that we are able to become that relaxed and by learning techniques to relax ourselves the subconscious mind can learn not to worry about getting to sleep. We can then feel positive about going to sleep and really look forward to putting and head on the pillow. For most people the response is quite amazing although very simple.

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