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Overcoming Panic Attacks.

Overcoming panic attacks with hypnotherapy.

Over the years I have been in practice most people who come to me for help with panic attacks, have really been suffering from acute anxiety about having a panic attack. They may have only ever had one panic attack in the past and are now suffering from anxiety that they may have another one. The fear is so great that they actually believe they are having a panic attack. This is not surprising as a panic attack is a very frightening experience which can take several forms. Through good counselling and hypnotherapy we can start the process of overcoming panic attacks.

The most common forms are racing heartbeat, being unable to breath or being unable to swallow. The fear that this builds up inside makes us produces adrenaline that increases the chance of heartbeat being affected and difficulty in breathing or swallowing. The sufferer will then become very negative about putting themselves in a situation that could possibly bring on a panic attack. This can be the worst part for many people as it restricts their life and as time goes on the list of places and situations that they believe can cause a panic attack grows, so the restriction on their lives grow.

How can hypnotherapy help panic attacks?

Hypnotherapy can help panic attacks in many ways, being able to relax and take away the stress and the anxiety that causes the panic attack. Through hypnosis we can learn to have the ability to relax ourselves down very quickly. Being able to relax quickly can actually stop a panic attack very often before it takes hold. Knowing that we can then control the panic attack allows us to stop worrying about having one, thus reducing the anxiety about having a panic attack.

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