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What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire.

Unlike popular belief hypnosis is not magical or spiritual. You cannot control someone's mind whilst under hypnosis or make them do anything against their will. As they are fully conscious and fully aware of everything going on around them. But it can seem magical as it can help them achieve things that they have been stuggling with, sometimes for a very long time. Hypnosis is purely deep relaxation where you enter into a trance state and it is that word "trance" that gives us the wrong impression of hypnosis. A trance is a very natural state and we go into a trance many times during the course of the day. For example when reading, watching television or at any time that we are really relaxed and we go into a daydream. The best example is when we are driving and we suddenly think whether we have gone round a roundabout and for sometime are completely unsure on what part of the journey we are actually on. We have been in a trance, fully aware of everything going on around us; we must have been to have driven safely. So there is nothing unusual about going into a trance state where you are fully conscious and fully aware of everything going on around you.

Anyone can learn to hypnotise somebody. There are no special skills or powers needed but, as with most things in life, some people are better at it than others. In fact most of us will use hypnosis at times without actually knowing we are doing it. When a child goes to a parent upset the parent will calm him or her talking softly or giving a cuddle, or maybe singing them a lullaby or even reading them a story before going to sleep. These are all forms of hypnosis. It is also possible that the parent will use autosuggestion. "Mummy kiss it better" is a classic autosuggestion and it does work.

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